President Update

On Tuesday 4th April, Presidents boiler was removed and will now be stored at the Museum until we are ready for the re-tubing to commence.
It was a slow and delicate process in order to ensure that the boiler came out safety as not to damage it or the boat.

On the 18th/19th of April, President and Kildare are going to be towed from the BCLM to Alvecote, President will then go into dry dock so that the bottoms can be inspected. Any work identified will then be done and the hull will be blacked.

We are still looking into getting President painted, however in the meanwhile both President and Kildare will be towed to the Braunston for the Historic boat show before returning to the museum.

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Below are pictures of Presidents boiler being lifted out of the boat.

A Training Weekend, By Christine & Roger Ball

  A Training Weekend Report
from Christine & Roger Ball

First things first, Chris and I would like to thank Simon for a most enjoyable weekend, we learned a lot and the enthusiasm and patience coupled with good humour of Mike, Jim and yourself made the experience special.
We first encountered President and Kildare at the Salt museum at Northwich in April, they were moored for the weekend on the way to Liverpool. We were invited on board by very knowledgeable crew members whose enthusiasm turned out to be infectious. The result of this; Chris and I joined F O P.
The first available training weekend was booked and eagerly awaited. Chris and I were met by our Captain, Simon Nuttall, and from the outset were made very welcome. We stowed our gear and then were joined by Mike Palfrey, he too made us feel at home. Simon and Mike started by giving us the members tour of the facilities and then we got on to the serious stuff, l was shown how to lay the fire which l then lit, no it didn’t go out.
While this had been going on Chris provided the tea and familiarised herself with the galley.

While we waited for steam to get up, we started polishing the brass and spruced up the engine. Time passed very quickly and with sufficient steam pressure we, after some skillful maneuvering, ventured out for a short trip with President. What an experience, yes it was a beautiful day, but the smiles on our faces I think shone brighter than even the sun.
We turned and l was allowed on the tiller for a short time, just to get the feel, Mike proved a good patient instructor. We moored up for the day back alongside Kildare at the Museum. We were hot, a bit black and thirsty but Simon had planned for the latter and after a scrub and change of clothes the four of us quickly strolled to The Pie Factory, Simon had booked a table, I think it’s fair to say a goodnight was had by all !

image[3]We woke to a lovely morning on Sunday, we slept in Kildare’s back cabin, kindly surrendered by Simon, an experience not to be missed. Jim Garatt joined us, he was driver for the day and proved to be very helpful and skillful.
Simon gave advice and help with meeting visitors and it wasn’t long before we both were putting it to use.
We both enjoyed being hosts, and I found it very rewarding as I’m sure Chris did. The look on some peoples faces, trying to answer their questions, and the thanks were reward enough.
With some cleaning done we ventured out again , this trip was a bit longer and incorporated three locks. Simon gave both of us instruction and I think we managed pretty well for a first time, lock virgins was a comment made ! I had a longer session on the tiller and thoroughly enjoyed the experience under the ever watchful eye of Mike.
Before we turned for home Chris provided us with drinks and home made cake.
More lock experience followed and all too quickly we were back moored alongside Kildare.

Simon and Mike gave us a beginner’s guide to knots while Jim rehydrated. We mopped and swept up and said our image[2]goodbyes.
Thank you Simon, Mike and Jim for sharing your knowledge, being patient and giving us a weekend which will stay in our memories for ever.
On a personal note we tried to look the part, we acquired waistcoats, flat hats and suitable shirts all at minimal cost, we felt ‘the part’ and from one or two comments it seems at least some of the public thought we new what we were doing.

Did we like the experience yes !

Would we like to come again yes please !

Christine and Roger Ball

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Crowdfunding for Presidents Hull work and Repaint

Help us with our Crowdfunding for Presidents Hull work and Repaint

We are attempting to raise a total of £12000, While the boiler is out of the boat for re-tubing and testing, the rest of President needs some extra attention.

What needs to be done?

  • Dry Docking: President initially needs dry docking for the elm bottoms and the hull to be inspected for damage, anything found will then have to be repaired.
  • Repainting and Sign Writing; Once the boiler has returned from having the necessary work done and is back in the cabin, the boat will then require repainting and sign writing.

paintwork-damage-1 paintwork-damage-2

As you can see from the pictures, the paintwork is showing some serious signs of wear and is looking rather sorry for itself, this has been caused while engaging in many public events over a series of years. If left to deteriorate further it will lead to serious damage to the wood and metalwork.

We are currently putting time and effort into getting the boat back up to the standard we expect a historic boat to be kept in.
While this is under way, we will also be investigating the best maintenance procedures and schedules to keep the new paintwork in the best possible condition in addition to the regular wash downs the boat recieves while out on the canal and at the museum.

Please help us raise the money we need to get President back onto the canal looking as good as new!

You can help us by donating to our crowdfunding page here:

Or you can help us by become an FOP member and support us further in keeping both President and Kildare in top condition and out on the canal for everyone to enjoy. To find out more or become a member, please visit:

At our mustering point

Now at our mustering point. Fantastic journey up here, crowds cheering was very moving. Makes us proud to be part of the Pageant..